Yet Another Thread Asking About Things Being Out Of Stock

I may or may not have totally ruined one of my omni wheels in a pot of boiling water and I need to order some more, but they seem to be out of stock. Does anyone from VEX happen to know if these will be back in stock any time this century or if I have to go source one from a local team or something?

Sorry for the clutter, making a thread here felt more respectful than pinging Dillon on discord again.


Bruh u did what to an omni wheel. At my school such actions would lead to instant immolation without due process.



We didn’t see this one coming at all


I may have made a small blunder.


Justin does a great job at answering stocking questions - Or reach out to your community to see if they have spares.

The 3.25 omnis are popular now and in stock.


We also ruined an omni wheel but not by boiling it :eyes:

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how does boiling the roller dye it?

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One must boil water to mix the dye with it in order to dye the applicable part. Subjecting plastic to heat for too long can cause it to melt, which in the case of VRC can be detrimental to its purpose.


Yes. The target temperature was 150°F, but I seem to have used actual boiling water, causing the plastic to melt.


well that’s not good, do you not have any extras? (also if you are going to the competition on Saturday, i could probably provide an omni wheel as we have way too many)

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I have some of the very old green ones with the bad rubber rollers that don’t grip anything, but I am being picky for obvious reasons.


can you use the rubber rollers from the one you ruined and the body of an old one?

No, the old wheels don’t have the 1/4" hole that allows it to work with free spinning inserts. When I say old wheels, I mean old wheels, not the green ones that were only cosmetically different.

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well, if you need any omni wheels, just come up to us during the competition


Sending you a DM.

Welcome to the “Entropy and the Art of Contingency Planning 101”, Taran!

Once you cook an egg omni-wheel it is impossible to uncook it.

I am glad that generous members of VRC community came to your rescue but, if they didn’t, I must admit, I would be secretly enjoying watching you trying to innovate your way out of this predicament with something like a three wheel kiwi or dragon drivebase. :slight_smile:


Ok but like what’s the fun in that?

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You gotta be kidding us!

The fun is to find somebody to livestream from your team’s table on Saturday.

Then, in case if @7996B gets to quarantine or forgets to bring the omnis, the fun will be to watch Taran desperately scramble between Q1 and Q5 to rebuild the bot using 3x pink 4" omnis and 1x 3.25" aka The Limping Dragon Drive!

:sob: :sob: :sob:


I am not competing at this event, lol. My robot is built with 3.25’s, this is for the States rebuild.

A sous vide cooker or potentially a fancy crockpot could do a very nice job of maintaining water of that temperature