Yo my vex iq motor needs help in carrying a conveyor

I use 2 vex iq motors to move a conveyor that is around 300 to 500 g of weight. Is there anyway to make it stronger without changing the motors like a different build or smth.

A torque gear ratio would add power and reduce speed, which should help make the conveyor “stronger”. Common ratios include 1:2, 1:3, and 1:5. Hope this helps!


Gear ratios can help. It will make the output slower, but it will be more powerful.

Yo what’s up! Yes, if your motors are having trouble handling weight, maybe a torque gear ratio could help you! Maybe 1:3 or 1:5.


I tried using your gear method and it only raised from - 45 degrees to 0 degrees. I heard rubber banding it is good but i need the ends to be parallel while my convyor is not. So i dont know what to do.

Maybe of using gear ratios 1 : 5 maybe i try using 1 : 7. I calculated that a average vex iq motor exert about 0.414 newtons. So i would get around 2.898 newtons of torque.