"You do not have permission to access this page"

When I try to reply to threads in “Official Q&A” sections (i.e. World Championship), I get a “You do not have permission to access this page” error message. I’m fine with that - I’m not “official.” However, I am confused on how some people can reply, like on this thread: https://vexforum.com/t/world-championship-celebrity/18766/1

I know that fuzzywuzzy isn’t one of the World Championship coordinators (they’re a middle school team), so I’m a little confused on how they could respond when I cannot. Can someone please enlighten me? :confused:


Huh. Yeah, you’re right I can’t reply to that thread, either. o.O

I second that question.


Same, must be a bug.

Having owned and used this forum software for 10 years, I did figure out that no one other than those granted special privileges to reply to the Q&A threads are allowed to respond unless you are the one who originated the thead. That special membership privilege is not given to the general forum user.

I have never used these special member groups in my forum, so I have not run into this problem.

The way it is supposed to work is that only those with specified privileges and the originator of the thread are able to respond to those subforums. How fuzzywuzzy was given those privileges or allowed to do that is a good question!

Bottom line is that if you wish to have the general membership be able to respond to a thread, then don’t post it to a Q&A. Most of us will not be able to respond.


Another thing… I’ve also seen some spam pop up in the “official” forums as well. My guess is that the bug has to do with the number of posts you’ve made.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s almost like if you have <~10 posts or something, you can post in those forum areas, for some reason…


I did realize until now that your post is about my post…I find it odd to. But I suspect that its someone big and they have to keep it on the down low OR its a last minute thing and not so good. I just hope it is not micky mouse, I think that would should be sad seeing as most team will be visiting him the park anyways.

I am keeping my hopes high! Who do you guys think it is?

I can honestly tell you that I have no idea how we were able to post if you aren’t. Maybe we were able to post because we posted a new topic, not responded to a question.

What we are confused about is you replied to a post in an “official” forum. In these forums, only IFI employees and the thread starter are allowed to reply to a thread.

The post in question can be found here.

That’s odd. I’ve only started posting in the last two days, so I don’t have any idea. It must have been a fluke or something.