You Tube, Tribot

This is aTribot built by CART students, the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (based in Clovis, California) robotics and electronics students engineered 3 bots, we’re in the black shirt with the four square logo. unfortunatly we did not go to the tournament and only participated in skirmishes
As a team we had 3 robots: a Tribot, 6 wheeled tankbot and an extending arm robot
They perfomed well epecialy with eachother and since we graduate this year we’ll be saying goodby to them, mayb ill post the updated version of the Tribot later, it got alot of upgrades since these videos, anyway enjoy =)

This is us =D Vex Robotics, Profile of the TriBot - YouTube < oops sorry Potter isnt in this and u only see Marks head for a second lol you will see them in the next vids

Heres the Tribot in action:

More vids:

I just watched your video – nice robot. If you geared up the speed a notch you would have a very competitive robot there. I liked the controls you had – no twitching, swerving or overshooting. Congratulations.

Can’t see you tube at the school, blocked. Will have to wait til I get home.

yeah when we first tried to up the speed ratio it went to fast too control, tooo fast especialy from the accelration of the four motors, but in the updated version i got that speed and i use semi outonomous to control it, its packed full of sensors now so it wont miss either lol

This is cool!
The Marketing Team and I are thinking about posting a video on Youtube.
I know it hasn’t been attempted yet, advertising a robotics team I mean.
We are the High Tech High Chula Vista Robotics Team, aka Chaos Vortex.
We might need some video, not yet but soon!