Your Best ARm bot

Hey guys just asking the community if yah an arm bot post it here i would love to see it.

this is my favorite arm bot I’ve made. It uses tread to keep the second joint level, but it can also be adjusted as necessary. it can also reach around to the back to pick objects up or drop them off. the claw might look horrible but its actually really good at picking up any small circular object, such as a cup, soda can, tennis ball, softball, ect.

if you can’t see how the leveling works here is a video of the same concept in another bot

Here is a simple 4-bar arm bot for you.

It was built as a prototype for a fundraiser. The concept was to build something tough enough to withstand repeated use and abuse, but still fun to play with. We’d use it at a fair and charge for each play. The game would be to have the players do something with it like stacking blocks. Not sure if we are going use that idea or not, but it was fun to build. Also some details of the gripper. Its kind of heavy, but it works great. If anybody wants the code (pot-limited arm motor actions and arcade-2 motor), just let me know & I’ll be happy to post it for you.

lol im afraid i dont have a picture as it was a failure (kinda)

it had four DOF but i ran out of motor to make the drive train better so it moved at a low speed of 0.5ft/s too slow for competition! i am making a new one soon now that i have more motors though…cant wait for summer break!

Hello, I’ve built a “thin” arm with no back drive and one that has a big gear ratio.
to see the pictures of my 'bot, look at my profile and look for my posts in the gallery. Right now, I’m working on my second arm thats going to be better than the previous 2 (or 1 if you dont count the prototype).

My best one’s here. It made it to the state level in my competition.

Unfortunately the lowest joint didn’t work too well (the gears skipped:mad: ,) but I added a worm gear differential later which fixed the problem.

The actual arm can be removed by taking out the lowest axle and mounted on pretty much anything as well.

I was trying to make an arm bot, but my gripper is having an issue- please see the pic.

So far most of them are looking good ill have my arm bot posted when i get the chance to buy a new micro controller. Lol mines kinda fried.
Keep them post coming. (ALSO pics)