Your best vex moments

As the season starts to end, I would like to ask the VEX community what their best moments were this season. I’ll start, when my team had had a great run at a como and our mogo intake suddenly stopped working, we got eleminated but we had lost hope. In the end we won excellence. This helped us to make sure to never loss hope no matter the circumstances.

That time I got my robot working xD

States my freshman year in Skyrise. It was my team’s second year competing (7865 in MS). We somehow qualified for states both years through design awards. Our rankings were mediocre (excluding 5th place at state MS year) and we had never won anything aside from two design awards (some finals losses incl.uding one at MS states :p). But at Skyrise states, we went undefeated in qualifications for the first time and won state as the third seed alliance captain (somehow as a cube specialized bot), which was the first time we had ever won a competition. We won the excellence award as well. We couldn’t win skills because skills without Skyrise sections was a tad difficult (our highest was 32 at worlds, and the highest I’ve seen by a cube bot was 33 by 10Q). My biggest regret is not getting the matches recorded.

We took half of a braided lift, help together by an axle, nylon spacers, and rubber bands, and then pulled out the axle so it was only held by the spacers. We purposefully dropped it so we could get the rubber bands off, but instead the nylon spacers flew out everywhere. Essentially we made a vex hand grenade.

What does that feel like?? XD


Brooooo you’ll definitely make it to World’s with that

Edit: both vidios here.

When my 4 bar worked with a mogo and 16 cones on it.
Then I built a DR4B that ripped itself apart, and when I rebuilt the 4 bar it can’t even lift up a mogo now