Your best/ worst robot ideas

Thought it would be fun to share your best and your worst robot designs and ideas.

my best design I’ve come up with (keep in mind I only competed in In The Zone) was a mobile goal mover that had a one cone capacity from the cone loader. it was my best because it was extremely fast and reliable as well as having plenty of power.

I do not have a photo of it

Unfortunately that design was my best design because my worst design was used all the way up until mid January.


this was my worst design, it was a fully steel DR4B base out of linear motion kits that worked in 2 stages rather than one lift working in unison.


I don’t have pics but I made a basically vex armbot that didn’t rotate for in the zone.

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Not exactly my worst idea, but my team’s (mainly our builder): He fried building a shooter for TP, except that it would push the ball up a ramp instead of “punching it”. And instead of a slip gear, we would use linear slides to remove the gear from the “pusher”.


A literal clawbot for starstuck. That was our first season and we won 1 match where we got carried all year

Here is another bad design that my team tried building this year. We are wanted to have a claw on a DR4B, but this is how it turned out:


(This photo shows the max height of the lift).


Worst ideas: (Skyrise )using a clawbot with a larger base and 5x5 plates jutting out the back to move cube as my state robot
(NBN) Not understaning gearing so I just used all the gears for my flywheel causing a very inconsistant robot.
(ITZ) taking the motors off of my mogo lift to test a DR4B that didn’t work. When I replaced the motors the lift didn’t work again.

Best ideas: (TT) Cube catapult

Worst: itz, a ripper, it worked well but couldn’t line up the cubes
Best: SS Huggles, Omega claw, 3rd programming skills at worlds, 15 in division but not picked even though it was 3 team alliances :frowning: we are the ones with the BIG claw :slight_smile: (auton OP)

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Worst: For star struck my team had a rubber band catapult (which never worked) and a hook on a linear slider that partially worked for hanging. We made an agreement to never talk about it again in the Vex room.

Here’s more vids of it in action if anyone wants