Your favorite match that you've been in or seen in tipping point

Hello, I just wanted to make a topic about peoples favorite game they have seen or have experiences because I am curious about some peoples stories. This is just a chit chat to feel free to tell us about the funniest game you have seen, the worst game you’ve seen or even the overall best game you have seen in the 2021-2022 season.

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I didn’t see it in person but my overall favorite match from this year is the second game of the finals at Kalahari where @Ben’s team stacked the red goal on the corner. It was a really well played match and the corner goal was hilarious


That crazy you mentions that because my team was actually there and we had the honor of seeing that match in person. I really loved that match to because semicolon and pi-botics are some of my favorite teams this year.


It was a really great match, you’re lucky you got to see it in person. They are both amazing teams as well. They both have great robots, great drivers, and great strategies.

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I definitely can agree with that.

This one was pretty fun to drive, personally - first VEXU comp I’ve been to, so winning it was fun :slight_smile:


Just watched the game and I thought that was very entertaining. Really weird because I just found out about VEXu today actually since I’m a freshmen first year in vex VRC. So for being my first game seeing a college level this game was very entertaining. Thank you for sharing!


I don’t know what match it was, but earlier today 4810C stacked a goal on the side of the field too.


Tall goal post broke and an opponent pushed the base completely underneath their platform. In response, we picked up the post with our claw, drove to the middle of the field, and swung it around in circles.


The first clip in this video, I had a really good steal from the opponents. We also won for the first time


Hey just got done watching the video, you guys played really well especially for not having any pneumatics and still managing to get that aonton EVERY time. I also thought the commentator was very funny. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

This match where 3324B disconnects for the first minute of the match and clutches the W with their sister team 3324S.


Hey, The match looks really interesting but it’s hard to see what’s going on because the frames are running pretty low. I was wondering if you had a better video of the match.

Sadly I do not, the repost was the same frame rate as the stream from the event.

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my favorite match was when our alliance fell over with the middle goal and there was 15 seconds left but we went over and pushed them into our zone and won the game because of it

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Quarterfinals at Montgomery high. I allied with my sister team, and we were up against another one of our sister teams. It was a very close match, both alliances scored rings, and both alliances double parked. The score was 205-202, with us winning. The best part is that right before we were going to park, our alliance’s drive team convinced their driver to get “just one more ring!”. And it turned out that had he not listened, it would have been a tie. Such a fun and close match, I also think it was the highest combined score of the day.

My favourite match that I was in was this one:

Happened in the finals at our first tournament of the season.

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I’m very biased, but my favorite match I’ve been in is quarterfinals at the Cardinal Classic. For context, our opponents were first seed, and indisputably dominating the tournament so far. We were 9th seed.

I also have to give qualifier 25 an honorable mention because it was the first time we truly showed what our bot is capable of:


Our opponent came up to our platform in the last 30 seconds touched it and backed away