Your Favorite Robot Attribute?

Hi ppl

What is your favorite robot attribute for this year’s game? And perhaps rank them.

for example like this:
(rank #1 = your favorite attribute)

Maximum room for storing the objects: 1
Maximum amount of objects scored each time when scoring: 2
Top travelling Speed: 5
Acceleration: 4
Scoring Speed: 3

Thank you

  1. Transforming

1 shrugging

  1. store objects in a stack
  2. place stack on high goal
  3. place multiple stacks
  4. descore

Not sure how important is for the robot passing under the trough yet. It’s a special robot attribute for this year’s game.

Seems a bit premature, considering most teams haven’t actually started building yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Most teams I talked to have defiantly started building, we have already had a scrimmage here in NZ, even if you haven’t, you probably know what you want to do?
for me:

  1. Ability to pick up objects fast (off wall, and fast de score)
  2. Efficiency style operation (score 8-10 at once, quickly)
  3. Driving my own robot well (if you are you reading this FEAR >:P)
  1. Winning

All else is secondary.

I’m still waiting for a flying robot, like the one in the Round Up animation.

I like to watch robots with good scoring/descoring abilities, and I also like robots with pushing power. There’s nothing like pushing a sneaky opponent away from a goal full of your points, and winning the match. :cool:

Isn’t that kind of obvious :rolleyes:. the idea here is HOW you intend to win :smiley:

What I mean is make sure you can win, and not leave it up to luck. In gateway it was annoying how many of the matches were decided by luck when the top robots reached about an equal level. I want something that will win matches.

Well Shane… we are going to win by beating all of the other teams in the world.

Although this does sound somewhat presumptuous, it is the goal. Who wouldn’t want to win everything? :stuck_out_tongue: P.S. our robot has changed a bit from when you saw it.

I agree completely, it will be interesting to see what becomes the Sack Attack version of the “goal under the ladder” strategy. Or if it will be like clean sweep where there was no metagame strategy and it was just about doing the basic task the best.

I do like the “nuclear option” robots.

In Gateway’s defense, the World Finals were decided by a kick-butt wallbot. :smiley:

Charlie Sheen style Winning?

As to the topic:

I’ve found that the ability to drive over the objects is really important. I think that it will be even more important this year. Also not letting your drivetrain suck sacks up inside of itself. Having a sack stuck in your drivetrain will definitely screw you up.

However… It’s not much of a problem if you don’t have a drivetrain…

College competition is going to be fun this year!

haha… how about:

  1. won

Anyways, if any team come up with a special robot attributes based on this years game and works than that will be awesome.

I’m thinking something interesting like:

  1. robot robot must be able to pushes or carries all the sacks to one side of the field ASAP. (the field is divided into 2 sides by the trough)
  2. block the opponent’s robot from going under the trough to the side of the field which now has all the sacks.
  3. :smiley:

If you can suck it up from the front of your bot and turn on the spot, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with them

To me.
An offensive and defensive robot:

  • offensive such that it scores very rapidly and descore in unbelievable ways.
  • defensive such that it looks huge and is able to block oppernents efficiently.

I see what you did there. Look forward to competing against you, but believe me we have some tricks up our sleeves.

Anyway. I’d like to call my favorite robot feature the air system. Personally.

Oh! And density to.

  • Andrew