Your puncher -- pre quizz

I’ve become enamored with the puncher, almost as much as the clawbot “All hail the Clawbot”

I’ve been taking pictures of punchers, but I want to mount a survey.

I’m not looking for YOUR answers now, I’m looking to what I missed as a survey question. I’ll collect these results and put them out as a survey that ends at Worlds (so you can keep your amazing chain driven half link causes it to slip on a 6 tooth cog causing it to shoot and we win!! a secret)

Your task is to respond on the survey on what I missed. In 10 days I’ll post it and then you answer the survey and maybe send a 600x400 picture.

Promise, no results or pictures until after Worlds. (Sorry to the half link people, I made that up. Same to the 84 tooth gear that has three shoots per revolution. My idea, sorry)

Internal gearing for the motors?

Is this survey exclusively for punchers that run along a linear track?

@Kevin Boenisch
Yes it was, but now I’m interested. Tell us more about your design! I was trying to skip the flywheels and the 2 catapults I’ve seen.

@391 Internal gearing for the motors?
I’ll add that, thanks!

what about Nautilus punchers?

We’ve run a rotational puncher since December, so not an LP, but still a puncher.

Ok, so what is the correct questions to ask about a nautilus and rotational puncher? I can easily add them to the what kind of puncher, but we’d need to ferret out some details.

Essentially the same questions: gear ratio, draw distance, puncher radius, # of rubber bands, follow-through distance, motors.

@Samuel Crouch (7842D)

Pardon me.
I took that to mean that @Foster did want them at some point, so I posted them now.
I can’t think of anything that you missed.

I’m going to put the questions in a survey tool so that I can do easy summaries and present the data back in some kind of meaningful format.

So the new first question is:

What kind of puncher
Other [free form blank for details]

I just though of one thing.
Does it hit a stationary ball, or is it in contact with the ball that it then pushes up to speed?

I think some of these could overlap, because a nautilus pull back could (although I haven’t yet seen it) be used for a rotational puncher too. So maybe something like

Linear with Slip Gear
Rotational (Swinging Arm) with Slip Gear
Linear with Nautilus
Rotational (Swinging Arm) with Nautilus

Add the size of the puncher face, like 2 by 5 holes or 3 by 5 holes.

Also if there is anything built for directional (left right) control. This can include angling the entire puncher, changing the position the ball rests, changing the angle the piece that strikes the ball itself is at, and some other things might be possible too.