Youtube Channel having Videos for Notebook

Hello people on the Vex Forums,

I wanted to know if you could have a YouTube Channel with videos included in the Notebook for events so judges could still see the videos even if the notebook was turned in physically. (printed)

Is this allowed in Vex? What should I do if I include it? I’ve never seen anyone do this before.

By the way, my channel is It’s in development.

I’d appreciate the advice, thank you all!



You can have videos linked in your notebook (QR code or otherwise).
Judges are not allowed to use any documentation that is not in the notebook for judging though so it will not affect your score.


Okay, I will definitely add links to the notebook. Thank you!


You could also use gifs to show small clips of your robot running. (Given if it’s a digital notebook)


As a judge it’s best to add QR codes as those are the easiest to scan. Sure, we aren’t going to have enough time to scan each and every code, but it’s nice to have if there are any videos you want to include in your notebook (testing, autonomous routes, etc.)


If you have a QR code, there should definitely be photos or tables that describe what is happening. A QR code with no other documentation is not helpful and will probably be skipped (coming from a judge). At all of the world qualifying events I have judged, we have been told not to look at QR codes, so although they are helpful and cool when you see them, if that is the only documentation of that step from the EDP, points will probably be lost.