YouTube Live Stream Feed Questions

Hello all.

The Indiana VEX IQ Tournament is coming up this saturday, and I am in charge of the live stream.

Right now I just have a camera hooked up to my CPU for the match streaming. Would I be able to switch feeds from the video of the matches to the tournament manager display? What do I need to do that? Does YouTube streaming allow feed switches?

Thanks, and any pointers would be awesome!

I would suggest using a google hangout.

The live stream can be directly uploaded to youtube and you can choose what you show.

It goes through google hangout.

So, how do I get 2 feeds to my computer, and then have the option to switch them?

EDIT: After thinking about it, only one feed would be going to my CPU. That would be the feed from the tournament manager. What cords and stuff do I need to pull that feed to my computer, and then once I have the feed, how do I switch feeds in the YouTube Hangout Stream?

Depending on your encoder, you may be able to switch between cameras and output that signal.

You could also run a 2 camera event and both cameras would be streamed all of the time.

Hello, i work for a theater, and whenever we need to do livestream, we use a variation of: ustream (with ustream producer software) or a piece of software called VMIX.

vmix is a very nice piece of software, just a bit hefty on the computers power.

suggest ustream for what you are doing

or google hangout as it streams to youtube.