YouTube robot cata for match loading is it good?

What’s your opinion on our cata pult is it good?

A: This is not VEX IQ, so use tags properly.
B: It’s not really best to use the forum to ask something of the type “How good is my robot?” since that will yield wishy washy responses. In reality, is it good? Well, ask your driver, ask everyone, test it more times, look at other teams and look at your own objectives. It is not really for us to answer.



However, to confirm…

Is your advice to



i think harik meant ask everyone on OP’s team


The real question you should ask yourself is: How can we make it better? Absent real competitions to test against other teams, compete against yourselves. Figure out what metrics are important. Measure those. Make changes that you think will improve it and keep measuring. Track changes against the metrics and show how your iterations improve (or not) your performance.

If there are other teams in your area, you could also compete against them to see how your robot performs against other teams.

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