Youtube Videos!

Hello everybody,

I have been doing Vex for the past 3 years, and this year I decided I want to upload building my robot onto my Youtube channel. Here is my first video:

Could I have some feedback on the video, or suggestions on how to improve?

Thank you.

As long as your chain doesn’t snap I think it could be awesome.(starts building own version). Also what kind of power do you think it will take to lift it?

Nice! Definitely will check out your channel often.

One most obviouse problem to me: those large sprockest are taking up some serious space. Try using the 6 tooth ones with lubricates and hope that will do better.

Not sure if smaller sprockets is the way to go, but I would be quite concerned with how close, even touching, the chain and sprockets are at the bottom.

Touching chain is certainly bad (speaking from experience competiting with one). You can get away with using the super-small sprockets, but they can be sometimes harder to turn (IIRC). The biggest thing with those lifts is friction in the slides–if you can keep that down, then your lift will work incredibly well. You also have to watch for bending when you’re fully extended.

The goal is to have two High Torque Motors power the lift, that way 4 motors can be for drive, 2 motors can be for a conveyor, and two can be dedicated to handling the Skyrise.

I was going to use the 6 tooth sprockets, but we have very little at the moment and need to order a bunch more. Hopefully that will reduce the touching of the chain. I am also considering switching out my chain and sprocket to string and pulley, because I do know the stress limitations of the chain. On the other hand, in the final lift design I will probably have a sprocket and chain system on the other side of the lift so that the lift is symmetrical.

Right after I uploaded the video I realized that I had different kind of slide that had a lot less friction, and I will be using that.

Thank you for the feedback, and I will post more soon!

Just try looking around and seeing what other Vex team’s channels look like.

You don’t need to use the rails they give you since they are made of steel. You can just build your own elevator lift using just the aluminum c-channels and spacers. I’ve already designed one lift that uses the same concepts as your elevator lift, but instead should be even more compact and lighter (and therefore more efficient)

This sounds really interesting; I’m just curious as to how exactly it would work. Would you still use chain, or use rope instead?

Take a look at 44’s robot from Round Up, they created their own linear slides, and they look very sturdy.

I think you’re referring to their Gateway robot? It had custom slides, but to my knowledge and a quick scan of their website, Fred IV used normal Vex Sliders…

It was Fred V