This is a really stupid question, but I had an idea for a drive, but I;m not sure how it would work. Can someone walk me through how this would work? Basically, I call the drive a Z-Drive. There are two C-Channel beams that are parallel to each other, each of them having two mechanums on them that have their own motor. In the middle, there is a diagonal beam that goes from the front of one beam to the back of the other. On this beam, there is a powered mechanum. Please tell me how this would work. Thanks!!!

If the wheels work perfectly, in relation to a traditional 4 wheel/4 motor tank drive, you’d have 1/4 speed in any diagonal direction, sqrt(2)/8 (~.177) speed side to side, and 1+sqrt(2)/8 (~1.177) in forward and backwards directions… it’ll be pretty hard to actually get it that efficient and you’d need a fancy code for strafing and going forward and backward and using the 5th wheel…

Thanks for the reply!