Zionsville Toss up qualifier

Congratulations to team 1483B, 1483A, and team 1115B.

My team was 1115A. We lost in our second semi-final match due to a lift failure. We had a great time and my team member 1115B will be attending the state championship.

I enjoyed ref’ing the competition. I got to see all (well most) of the Indiana teams while ref’ing, and loved talking with you all.

We will be seeing you on November 16th at Jay County. We will be bringing both 323X and 323Z :wink:

All of the eliminations of the Zionsville tournament are uploading right now. I will post the link ASAP.

Thanks to all of the participants, attendees, and volunteers of the first (I think) qualification tournament in Indiana. We ran unusually on time today (we were actually almost 20 minutes ahead of schedule at the end of qualification matches). The results are currently posted on RobotEvents.

I look forward to seeing the rest of Indiana teams in competition.

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All the videos are up (I’m still working on the descriptions of all of them:

Final 1
Final 2
Final 3