Zip-roller idea

Let’s say you want to intake balls, so you look to nbn robots to find inspiration. Almost all of them will use top-rollers! What’s wrong with that? If you use top rollers on the front of your robot, you can’t have a cap manipulator on the front of you robot because the top roller gets in the way! What do you do?
Introducing, the ZIP-ROLLER! The zip roller is a brand new type of side roller that uses zip ties to intake balls, with more clearance then any other roller! The way this intake works is simple, zip ties are angled toward the ground, and they spin, moving balls with them! Here’s a simple demo!

Pick up balls on the back of the robot.

I don’t see this becoming Meta anytime soon because rubber side rollers exist.

yeah… the ziptie thing is cool, but rubber side rollers seem to be better…

I like it. Good job Anti!

Doesn’t this violate the rules? I am fairly sure that you can only use zip ties for tying chords together… am I wrong?

I am relatively certain zipties can be used for this. remember, people made claws with zipties for itz.

That’s when you get non-VEX type stuff for wire management. You can get all sorts of wire management stuff and be OK so long as it’s used for wire management. But you can’t use it for something else. For example, you can’t use electrical tape on a claw to get the amount of friction you want, but you can use it to hold wires together. However, everything VEX sells that is intended for a robot is fair game. Note the “intended for a robot” bit. You cannot, for example, make a scoop using a piece of one of the orange pillows from Starstruck, though you could use such a piece to protect your wires.

This looks like the thing attached to a Roomba. Lol

I feel like this is a good Idea but your only allowed to pick up 2 balls at a time and the zip roller might accidentally take in like 5