Zip tie clarifications


I know we can use zip ties for the 2009-2010 VRC but is their a zip tie type limit. My team wants to know if we can use 7mm zip ties to pick up the balls. They are wider so they are less flexible. Can we use ties this wide?

Read R5, R6 & R7 in the Clean Sweep Manual.

If your ties are not sold by VEX then the answer will be no.

This is, in no way, offical.

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Any iteam that is the same as an official VEX component. So I don’t know about the official VEX zip ties and their EXACT measurements. But indentical’s dictionary definition is:Exactly equal and alike.

So my best guess is that if the 7mm wide zip ties are different than the ‘official’ zipties. They are illegal.

Does anyone know the official specs of the VEX zipties? Like how wide they are and stuff.

  • Thanks.

Ok, In that case what is the width of the VEX robotics official zip ties.

I’d say the little ones are 1-2mm at most. Could you use the battery zip ties for non-battery things? Those suckers are what, maybe 5mm?

In the rules it says we can only use materials in the VEX kit or identical. Shipping materials and reading materials may not be used to construct your robot. I don’t know if that is a VEX piece or a shipping material.

The battery zipties are part of the kit, and not a ‘shipping’ product.

But the battery zip ties, IMHO, are not worth using in any way…simply the cost is kinda high.