Zip Tied Motor Anyone?

Hey guys we have come across a simple trick with a zip tie that holds a motor together pretty well if you happen to strip and of the screws. The zip tie fits almost like the grove was made for it. :slight_smile:
I was wondering if any other team has done this and I also thought I should share it with you guys.

We’ve actually removed all 8 screws from one of our 269s to look inside, and haven’t gotten around to putting them back in yet. The motor is held together with rubber bands, but works perfectly well on our arm.

Zip tied motors are somewhat common, but should definitely be used more often – they’re really effective at keeping motors from getting loose from either loose motor screws or stripped screws. You can even zip tie them to pieces of metal.

We do this every time before a competition, We put 2 zipties on each motor so if the screws loosened up (which was also a problem many times) it would still hold.

no, i havent tried this, but thanks for the tip