Zip ties and dimensions. Help us!

Hello, I’ve been doing some research for my team since it’s our first year and haven’t gotten any completely conclusive results. I’ve been checking to see if zip ties are legal for Vex IQ challenges and I’ve seen yes and no. If you know if we can use them please let me know I don’t want to get to close to the competitions and figure out we can or can’t use them. I also haven’t found an completely conclusive results on the dimensions of the robot. I’ve seen 18x18x18 and a few others.

This is posted in Vex IQ (elementary-middle school age), the dimensions for the IQ game are 11" wide x 19" long x 15" high. Zip ties are not included in the legal parts index and are not considered decorative (they serve a function) so they would not be legal.

If you are talking about EDR (high school age) that would be a different forum and answer.


Thank you that was great help! I thought that’s what it was but I wasn’t sure.

Here’s a link to the game manual for VEX IQ. It’s the first place to look for questions about the robot.


also another thing to note u cannot expand beyond the limit once the match has started

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