zip ties or rubber paddles?

What one would work better for VEX Gateway zip ties or the rubber paddles? and why? also is it possable to buy the paddles separate?

Depends on your design. :wink:
Zip ties have a lower coefficient of friction compared to the paddles, so they won’t grip as well. Zip ties can also slip if zipped around tanktread, but the paddles will (for the most part) stay correctly oriented.

The rubber paddles are fun to experiment with, and will probably be useful in the future (but probably not near future, though)…

Not from VEX, but maybe from eBay or some other reseller…


Using zip ties this year does not seem to work a lot (at least with my experience). Zip ties work better in purposes where much friction isn’t allowed, their big benefit is that they can bend much easier. For competitions like Elevation and Clean Sweep it seemed much more practical than now.

Of course, you might find a design that works perfectly with zip ties this year. The paddles seem more logical for the slippery objects this year.

Agreed. In my experience, unless you bundle large numbers of zipties together (in which case they are hard to attach) they are often not strong enough to intake the heavy barrels and balls. the bigger size of zip ties which are vex legal (cut down to the right length) can work quite well with enough of them in the right places, but paddles seem to be a lot more versatile