Zip ties or twist ties for cord management

I thought I had seen something on the forum about using zip ties or twist ties for cord managment for VIQC, but I can’t find anything recent (this competition year) in the VIQC discussions. I know there are clips for management, but some of our teams are still having trouble getting the cords managed in the middle of their robot with the clips. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong spot in the game manual and/or legal parts documents, but can’t find anything about this. If a post has been made this season, would someone help me find it if? If not, could you let me know if managing cables with zip ties or twist ties is legal on a VIQC robot? Thanks tons for your insight!

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The forum discussion is not official, only the Game Manual. Rule R8 in the game manual ( lists the allowable non-vex components for IQ. Neither zip ties nor twist ties are on the list. For IQ, there are cable clamps available (which you already know about) Smart Cable Anchor (20-Pack) - VEX Robotics , and you could probably work out something using IQ legal rubber bands to wrap dangling wires in combination with the cable clamps.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply and the rubber band suggestion…that idea had skipped right past me. I’m still figuring all of this out as a rookie VIQC coach of a rookie VIQC program, so I appreciate the help. I’m glad I hadn’t glazed over and missed the zip ties or twist ties in the allowable parts. We’ve looked at the parts list so much I think it’s all blending into one big blob in my teams and my brains. :smiley: