Zip ties vs polycarbonate on trays

But this means it was a bigger sheet than allowed :thinking:

True, but if you think about it, then every sheet of poly carb that we say is 12 x 24 is actually part of a giant bigger piece.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no, what has vex done with this rule


basically it doesn’t have to come from the same sheet, but you need to be able to tetris together all of your polycarb into a 12x24" sheet. so by that logic multiple tp flags are legal.

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Well there are only pros to zip ties in my opinion. We used both and we are using both on our robot and the zip ties have less friction and far less weight.


Could you send a picture? Is it horizontal + poly (which it looks like a lot of the chinese teams are using) or just layered zipties

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