Zip Ties

Hi there i have a few inquiries about zip ties/zap straps.

  1. Is there different types of zap straps we can use? (differences in length, width etc.)
  2. Are zap straps allowed to apply pressure to the 18x18x18 box that should incase your robot

Reasons being last year in elevation, we saw a few robots using zap straps that were larger than those given by vex (no they were not battery straps), and also made their bot larger than the 18x18x18 limit. We called the team on it but apparently those zap straps were vex permitted.

Our mentor suggested we should ask for this year’s Cleansweep and see if anyone knows the answer. Thanks!

What the heck is a zap strap? Can you post a picture?

Near the bottom of the page, there’s the product you’re looking for (Tie Wraps). There’s two sizes, 4" and 11", I dunno the thicknesses. If you look at that youtube link, you’ll see the 11" ties in action.

As far is I can tell they are identical to the 4" and 11" zip-ties sold at Home Depot.

The 11" VEX and Home Depot zip ties are significantly thicker (2-4 times) than the 4" zip ties. In theory, you can’t use zip ties that aren’t identical as VEX zip ties.

I have seen teams that have used zip ties significantly different than the VEX zip ties and the judges didn’t seem to care.

I have had to modify my robot and the placement of zip ties because zip ties where outside of the 18" cube.

Zip Ties and/or anything else are not allowed to apply pressure to the 18" sizing cube.


Judges won’t care, but inspectors should. :slight_smile: I can’t speak for every inspector at every tournament, but I inspected at Worlds and I would have failed a robot with non-spec zip ties. It’s the rule.

Last year, some incidental contact between the sizing cube and zip ties was legal, this year it isn’t:

It’s never safe to assume that rules automatically carry over, and this is a good example.

Indeed ;D. Thanks for the helpful responses!

a bit off topic but team 2921 was pretty efficient in the vid posted above
here if your too lazy to look :wink:

i notice how it could only hold 3 oranges at max but was totally efficient and fast
not to mention the large ball intake at the end :slight_smile:

That robot that 2921 had does not exist anymore i don’t think, well they didn’t use it at the last scrimmage, it suffered from jamming issues. Their new robot is a lot more effective.

Alright now that i have incorporated zip ties into my bot, would anyone happen to know if the limit for elastic bands was still 10 or is there no limit? I do know that rope is no longer legal, but i am not too sure about elastic bands. Would anyone happen to have the answer ;D?

There is no limit on rubber bands or VEX latex tubing. Both are elastic and can be used for stretchy/springy things.

Hi there sorry for the rebump. Now that i’ve somewhat prepped my bot for competition. I just wanted to confirm exactly HOW thick those 11’’ tie wraps are (to cm or inches). Because i don’t want to go down from Canada -> States to realize that my tie wraps are illegal in the competition (using some i bought at a department store)

Using one sitting at my desk, and my digital calipers:
The 11" tie wraps are about 0.182" wide, and 0.0525" thick. They measure about 11.25" long.