1,800 teams and growning, will they stay

I was impressed with the recent e-mail blast about breaking the 1,800 team mark, yay VEX/IFI!

There are a ton of first year teams which is good. And there are a number of established teams that are growing.

On Chief Dephi there are some stats about new teams that start and then fizzle away the second year. Are there Vex teams that start and fail in the second year?

I would expect more VEX to stay because of the fact that the materials can be re-used from year to year. Unlike the FRC where very few if any materials can be re-used the entire VEX robot can disassembled and rebuilt for the new game. At the most a team might have to spend a couple hundred dollars for new metal or parts.

Absolutely there are teams that don’t come back. But for every one that takes a break, there are… so far… a couple of new ones to take their place.

Here in BC, however, we see very few teams stopping in their second year. What is far, far more common is that the school that hosted the team sees so many students show up wanting to build robots that they have to start another team or five.