10851B 24 Hour Build Rise Above RI1D

I hope you like it!

Tell me what you think about the video and the robot!


Dude Squared Away was my last IQ season but I am telling you that some variation of this is going to be THE META for Rise Above.


Actually looks really good, especially for one day. Keep it up!


add some rubber banding, that will make the lift wayyyyyyyy better. you’ll be able to make it faster (obviously really slow right now)

if they can lift a metal lift that fast, so can you.

I also made the lift 25:1 so I can definitely speed it up to maybe like 15:1, but thanks for the idea!

You can probably go even faster than that, most EDR DR4Bs only need a single stage of gear-down, usually 5:1 or 7:1. With enough rubber bands, the banding does all the work of holding the lift up against gravity - if you move the lift somewhere manually, it should be able to stay there without any motor power. Then all the motors need to do is move the lift around, which requires much less torque.


and you have to take into account that iq pieces are literally plastic… they’re not heavy to lift.

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honestly if you take out some gears, make it drive faster, and straighten the lift out, it should be really good. Great job!

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Thanks @squiddy_slapper ! But what do you mean by straighten the lift out?