1492X Cone Speed Challenge

5 cones in 30 seconds on 7.4v batts (we haven’t charged since worlds ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ).
All 1x speed.
Yes, I suck at driving.
Response to 5 cones in 1:13 challenge.
Celtics in 7.

Filmed with GoPro HERO1492

Challenged by:
5 cones in 1:13

Not inspired by:
disco speed

This is an interesting challenge :slight_smile:

but think a fairer test will be to collect from the match load and stack.

Are you guys using a DR4B??

gotta carry the base around to be faster

Challenge accepted

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:

If doing the challenge, would you start with the mobile goal in your robot to begin with or would you have to intake that after the timer is started?

You would have to get it after the match started. The only thing that you’re allowed to have at the beginning of the match is your preload Cone

Definitely. We also did significantly more driving than the original challenge robot (136) in our time trial. There needs to be standards set if this challenge is to be used as a completely accurate benchmark for robot merit.

Also, tough for us to use the match load/stack because we don’t have field elements yet :frowning:

Have you guys received your field elements yet in Singapore?

That’s for you to decide :slight_smile:

Reported to @DRow for inflammatory and misleading conduct.

I mean its not a sweep if its in 5 games


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We’re looking forward to seeing everybody’s robots :slight_smile:

But if this is to be an accurate reflection of each robot’s ability then cone/goal orientation need to be agreed upon. Like we drove much further distances in our video than did 136 in their’s (just a comparison, not intended to be disparaging), so not completely a fair challenge.

Yeah. You need to write a button push to pick up a cone in front+lift up and another button push to stack+let go+back off. I see that as a must in this game. Let’s bring back the good old programming assist in Curahee. And that thing was programmed with easy c v4. (You new people probably never used it lol)

Interesting, I wonder what makes you so assertively feel that those specific macros are going to be essential and useful for situations across the entire game…While I feel that some macros are important, such as automated pick up, as a driver too many buttons historically feels cluttered and slower (just practice, man :))

And for the record, for our first couple of years we were proud easy c v4 users :slight_smile: