1691A Tower Takeover Reveal

1691A Hurricane Robotics is proud to present our 2019-2020 Tower Takeover Robot.

Our design was probably one of the most unique and with the cancellation of worlds (and a lot of free time on our hands) we figured that we would share it with everyone. Scissor lifts have developed somewhat of a bad reputation, so we also wanted to show that it is a viable design option when well built.

Robot Specs:

  • 4 Motor Chassis/Tilter (Differential)
  • 2 Motor 21:1 Scissor Lift
  • 2 Motor 200 rpm Intake
  • 9 Cube Capacity
  • All Tower Height Capability
  • 129 (Unofficial) Skills Score
  • 7’1" Total Height


  • Most Awarded Team in North Carolina (Tower Takeover)
  • NATM 2020 Innovate Award
  • Tournaments Attended x5
  • Tournament Champion x2
  • Excellence x1
  • Skills Champion x2
  • Design x2
  • Innovate x2
  • Build x1

1691A || Vex Tower Takeover Reveal || 2019-2020



Very cool bot! This is the first time i’ve seen a scissor lift on a traybot

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Big box boi
20 20 20

Really cool design and super clean build. Glad to get to compete against you guys this year!

Can the diff tilt the tray when the lift is up? It looks like it just angles the tray by sliding on the back of it

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No, that is correct. It is mounted on the chassis and slides along the supports of the tray to stack. So we cannot stack while the lift is up, although this was not ever a need for us as a 9 stack was sufficient in most scenarios.


Wow! Such an impressive robot!

Cool another reveal!
“Scissor gang”
Uh oh…
Seriously though, that’s a impressive design guys, great job.


ive never seen a good scissor lift design until now
that is very impressive
maybe i should start making scissor lifts

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