1727G VEX Tower Takeover Early Season Reveal

1727G is proud to present our early season robot!

Motor Distribution:

4M 200RPM 1:1 Drive
2M 200RPM 1:1 Intake
1M 200RPM 1:21 Tray Pivot
Instagram: @team1727g


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You just have to watch it on youtube, playback was disabled for other sites.



Pretty brilliant! Not superb on the towers but really quick at picking up and placing stacks. Awesome work guys! :grin:


Very well made! This is a really strong start to the season.


Meta right here I’m calling it.


If u take one of the motors from the intake and use the extra one to put this on a lift, it would have great tower capabilities and should be able to create stacks of 12 cubes or more (possibly a DR4B, but a lot of torque will be needed due to the extra weight of the expanding tray).

You might have problems with clearance, but I think you’d be fine torque wise if you went with 1:7 100rpm.

How were you able to make the intakes move inward to “clamp” on the stack of cubes. I have a design in mind but it would be a lot better with the capability to move out. If possible could you show pictures?

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I’m not sure how he did it, but you could use rubber bands to pull them towards the center and they would stretch as the intake expands


The rollers are mounted on joints on both sides. They are tensioned inwards by rubber bands, but when the tray pivots forward, paracord tightens and pulls it apart. IMG_20190601_182618


Is the robot able to tilt enough such that it can score on both the medium and short towers? (I don’t expect this robot to score on the tall tower)

When scoring on the short towers, the cube simply drops a little further before hitting the cup.

Ok, thanks.
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What locking mechanism do you use for the tray?

Here’s a close-up of the lock. The two pieces of half c channel pivot out of the way to allow the tray to fold back for starting position.