2-Wire Motor 269 Discontinue

Why is a perfectly good product being discontinued???

Wow, hadn’t spotted that before, but the 393 is $5 cheaper :slight_smile:

Should we expect a new cortex with higher current ratings to prevent the PTC trips from 10 of the 393 motors going all out at once?

Yeah, they call it the “Power Expander” :wink:

What Unforeseen Gamer said… and nobody there would be a lot of back rage about having to get a new Cortex.

Wait we bought 11 motors like two weeks ago! Can we get the difference credited back to us?

I’m just glad the 393s are getting cheaper! I haven’t used a 269 since we were forced to.

Running 10 393s on a cortex with no power expander works fine if you “do it right.” 12 however, might need one for that. :wink:

I, for one, am sad to see these motors go. The 269s were perfect for the scoring mechanisms, as they don’t need to be powerful, and lightweight is better.

Probably not enough people buying them, now that 10 393’s are allowed.

I think the discontinue is a bad move, I would understand a notch-down of production ,but a total disbandment is stupid. This is a perfectly good product and this decision will put everyone at a disadvantage.

Sometimes the 393 motor is a bit big for an intake. I like the 393 motor but the 269 has its uses.

We tend not to buy as many 269 motors because they are typically put in lower stress situations and thus tend to last longer. So there’s a pile of them from year to year while we buy many more 393’s (for $5 more than we could have it looks like if we waited. darn.)

More people in our club are trying the 10 of the 393 motors but they have not hit the inevitable PTC trips yet. (we have 7 rookie teams out of 21 for our club). Maybe they’ll switch a few out later on.

Perhaps JVN or Ricky could let us know the reason for discontinuing the part.

Low sales volume?
End of life component?
New product on the way? Perhaps a “smart motor” like the VEX IQ product?

I’m not sorry to see it go, I doubt we would have ever bought more for competition use as we have enough for the low power applications.

Perhaps the original reason for building the 269 is now irrelevant, quoting Paul from last year.

How does this “put everyone at a disadvantage?” We haven’t touched a 269 for a competition robot in years. We just use the old spares that we have lying around for prototyping.

i can see why it is being done, but we have a team that uses all 269 motors at ours, and we use them for out starter projects, so now when these motors brake we are going to have to replace with 393 (when 269 are not available)

  • i agree with some people with size limitations etc, we have 269 motors on intakes on 5119.

5119z is all 393 but i use a power expander.

Paul talked about this a bit here:

The short version is that the 269 motor just isn’t as good as the 393 motor. In addition to having higher power output, the 393 is much more robust.

When we launched the the 269 and 393 motors, the VEX world was built around a motor the size of the 269. The 269 motor was designed to fit that same form factor. At the time, the 393 motor was the weird “over powered” motor.

As the game, teams and design philosophies of VEX evolved, people began pushing the motors harder and harder. This led to a reexamination on our side of what these motors (and our VRC teams) are capable of, and one example of this shift is the GDC opening up the rules… The community seemed to naturally migrate from the 269 form factor as “normal” to the 393 as “normal.”

Since the 393 became the new norm, and we believe it is a better user experience – the 269 was essentially obsolete.