2009 Pan Pacific Championship Results

Day 1.

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Find attached the scores after Day 1.
Team List.pdf (17.9 KB)
Friday Quals.pdf (49.5 KB)
Robot Skills Teams.pdf (7.6 KB)
Prog Skills Teams.pdf (6.33 KB)

Well, it’s over. Congratulations to 368E for winning excellence, and to the 2nd Seed Alliance (254A, 254B, and 254C) for winning the competition.

Find attached the remainder of the results.
Qualification Results.pdf (50.7 KB)
Qualification Rankings.pdf (12.4 KB)
Elimination Results.pdf (8.4 KB)
Elimination Ladder.pdf (13.9 KB)
Awards.pdf (8.34 KB)

I was HIGHLY shocked that the first seed was knocked out by the 8th seed. I was watching the matches and each one of them was way too close than what one would expect.

254A was amazing once again. I saw that they were tearing their way through the qualifications and not holding back and trying to get placement spots like some of the other teams.

Otherwise, I think the field at Pan Pacific was extremely deep. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to worlds and a lot of the robots look something like the bots at Pan Pacific. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Sunny

Yeah, the only time the Cheesy Poofs lost a single match was when their A bot broke down and they had to throw B and C against the third seed alliance.

One of the most interesting things about this tournament was the strategies involved. This was the first time I’ve ever really seen anyone throw balls out of the field a lot, and as we saw in the third match of 2 vs 3, it came incredibly close to working, even against superior robots. If 368F had managed to find a place to dump its last load of 7 footballs over the center, the Cheesy Poofs would have been eliminated. Kudos to the 254 drivers for keeping their heads and putting up an incredible wall.

i missed that match
are the videos up yet on youtube?
(hope to see some intense action before the gladstone competition :))

All the teams did an incredible job, and a special congratulations to 368 E & F. Unfortunately in semifinal - 2 B got a football stuck between its intake and the floor so it could not intake anything, and then C’s outtake could not longer dump about halfway through making for a rather non-competitive match. Everyone of us on 254 had a great time. The hospitality and level of competition was simply incredible. I hope to see all those great teams at Dallas.

9676M (who left the event before the awards ceremony) indicated that their Programming Skills score of 66 was actually a Robot Skills score. Hence, the awards list (here) has been slightly updated to reflect the new 2nd Place Programming Skills to Team 368F.

The is a branch of math known as Game Theory - It looks like someone is paying attention to it - I recommend it to everyone in VRC (& FTC/FRC & ___) .

Mix a little game theory with a good dose of common sense and you can reach some surprising conclusions…