2012 VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship

Attention Teams! Registration for the VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship (VMAC) is open on Robot Events. The third annual VMAC will be held on March 10th in Westminster, MD. While this is a regional championship event, any team (non-college) can register and attend. The event registrations are already approaching half of the event capacity.
In response to feedback from teams and schools over concern with students missing school on Friday, we have changed the format to a one day event. To ensure teams get a sufficient number of qualification matches, the event schedule will run into the early evening.

An event of up to 100 teams requires quite a bit of planning, so we ask that teams who are planning to attend to complete their paid registration as soon as possible, but definitely by the January 15, 2012 registration deadline. Please note that we need registration paid by that date in order for your teams to be registered for the event.

Additional information can be found on the event website ( http://www.midatlanticvex.org ), and additional information will be appearing periodically as we get closer to the event.

We are also beginning the process of filling our volunteer positions. If you are interested in volunteering at the VEX-Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship on March 10, please let us know by sending an email to volunteers at the ***midatlanticvex.org ***domain, or see our website at www.midatlanticvex.org.

Who here is going? (I know there’s a team list, but I’m having a hard time putting usernames to team numbers…)
Another question: will Alliances be of 2 or 3 teams for eliminations? In VA, it’s been 2 teams due to World qualification…


The Third Annual VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship will be held in Westminster, Maryland next Saturday, March 10th. We have 78 teams registered. The team traveling the longest distance is Team 5225A, the E Bots Pi-Lons, from Oakville, Ontario Canada.

We will be webcasting both divisions. Webcast details can be found here:


The Division team assignments have been made, and can be found at the following links:


We will be posting scores on-line at VEXScores.com and the Event Monitor website developed by our friend and supporter Joshua Gabrielse: [http://www.gabrielse.net/vex/eventmonitor.php

The event will start at 9 AM East Coast time and run until 7 PM.

The only problem I see at this point is that there is no snow in the forecast. For those who have attended our events in the past, you know it always snows! Even in October…

It should be a great event with many competitive teams.](http://www.gabrielse.net/vex/eventmonitor.php)

Will VEXVia be utilized? I can see that VMAC is displayed as a tournament on the app, but there isn’t a team list on it yet…


All I can get on vex via is last years worlds.

Try updating the competition information…

Having configuration issues with posting the info to the VEXScores.com database, which also probably affects VEX Via. I have to wait for someone who manages the database to address my problem. I would guess it will not be until tomorrow.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

Will there be anything in the pit besides the table on which we can hang a banner?



They have them elecrtical out lits that are boce you can hang stuff from.

The event does have power drops from above, but please do not assume you can hang anything from them. Feel free to ask one of the organizers if you have any questions.

Have fun! This is a great event with lots of hardworking volunteers.

Just checked our team in/inspected robot. Looks like it’s going to be lots of fun… :smiley:

FYI: I’ll tweet some about the tournament tomorrow; when I do, I’ll tag the tweets with #VMAC.


Just a reminder that links to the VEX Robotics Mid-AtlanticChampionship webcast can be found on the event website- www.midatlanticvex.org

VEX via will be live for the Mid-Atlantic Championship this weekend on iOS and Android. Make sure to do an update from the main page of the app to get the divisions downloaded to your device.

How long till the streams go live? I’m a bit messed up with time zones so I’m not sure when I’m supposed to be watching :D.

Saturday, March 10
Doors Open 7:00 AM
Check-in Deadline*: 8:15 AM *
Qualification Matches Start: 9:00 AM
Elimination Matches Start: 3:30 PM
Close 7:30 PM

Converted to NZDST (New Zealand Daylight Saving Time):

Sunday, March 11
Doors Open 1:00 AM
Check-in Deadline*: 2:15 AM *
Qualification Matches Start: 3:00 AM
Elimination Matches Start: 9:30 AM
Close 1:30 PM

Wow. That tournament was AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Everyone here needs to go and see 5225A’s robot at World. It amazed me (and, evidently, the judges, as they received the Amaze award). They have a claw design, BUT it is unlike any claw I have ever seen (it actually works REALLY well in competition–they seeded 1st). They make a superb use of polycarb to guide and collect a max of four (maybe 5) game objects.


Congrats to everyone at the competition, and thanks S3 for helping setting up and hosting! Some great designs were there - side rollers, claws, forklifts, etc. Congrats to everyone!

Congratulations to the 75 teams that competed at the Third Annual VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Championship on March 10th in Westminster, MD. We had teams from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ontario Canada in attendance. A special thanks to the E-Bots Pi-Lons (5225A) for making the long tip from Ontario! It is always great to see new teams designs at our events. You guys have a great team and a great robot.

Teams were divided into two divisions and each team was given 8 qualification matches. We then held Divisional Playoffs. Once Divisional Winners were decided (12K, 24A, 1727D for Engineering Division, and 3086Z, 944B and 944A for Technology Division) the Divisional Winners competed for the VEX Robotics Mid-Atlantic Champions title. Congratulations to the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Champions, 3086Z, 944B and 944A.

As the Event Director I must also give a HUGE Thank You to all of our volunteers! We had so many experienced, dedicated volunteers in the house that everything ran like clockwork, and it was truly amazing to watch the event proceed nearly perfectly with little to no intervention from me. How often does the Director of a large event have time to carry food from a vehicle to the kitchen, stock bathrooms, sweep floors, and empty trash during an event? I was looking for jobs to do. I could have stayed home on Saturday and all the volunteers would have gotten the job done just as well. It is truly an honor to work with all of you.

Finally, Thank You to our event sponsor, Northrop Grumman, and our event supporters, Ben’s Rentals of Westminster, Carroll Tech Council, Classic Art Photography, C&O Distributors, VEX Robotics, the REC Foundation, the Carroll County Ag Center and Maryland 4-H Youth Development.

I am attaching the reports from Tournament Manager for those who would like to review the results.
Engineering Div Elimination Ladder.pdf (6.43 KB)
Engineering Div Elimination Results.pdf (10.5 KB)
Engineering Div Qualification Results.pdf (30.9 KB)
Engineering Div Rankings.pdf (11.1 KB)
Engineering Div Team List.pdf (55 KB)