2016 World HS Round Robin Question

Back at the round robin for Vex HS at VEX worlds, how were the alliances ranked for going to finals?

If you take a look at this page: http://vexdb.io/events/view/RE-VRC-16-3279?t=rankings&d=Finals

At the end of the round robin, the divisions ranked as follow:

  1. Technology (3-1)
  2. Math (3-1)
  3. Arts (2-2)
  4. Engineering (2-2)
  5. Science (0-4)

I know the ranking, but I’m talking about how they were ranked.

Round robin rankings are first determined by Win-Tie-Loss record.

The first tiebreaker is determined by head to head record.

If this also results in a tie, rankings are then determined by total points scored.

If you mean, how were they ranked going into the Round Robin? They weren’t. It wouldn’t matter. Each Division winner played each other Division winner. The win-loss record at the end of the Round Robin decided which two played in the finals. Since the two that were in the finals were both 3-1, the next tie-breaker decided who was red and who was blue as red is always the higher ranked alliance and can place their robots on the field last. Since Technology beat Math in head-to-head, they became the higher ranked alliance (Red) for the finals.