2019 - 2020 VEX IQ Challenge - Squared Away

Introducing the 2019-2020 VEX IQ Challenge Game, Squared Away!

For more information, check out the downloads below:
Game Manual - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-squared-away/GameManual
Field Appendix - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-squared-away/FieldAppendix
Build Instructions - https://link.vex.com/docs/VIQC-squared-away/BuildInstructions


Very interesting game - room for a whole ton of design ideas. (Will still take forever to reset, as per usual, though!)


Interesting! Many different bot designs can contribute on this one. Should be fun!

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Conflicting number of balls on the “one pager”. It says 32 balls. Not 35 like it should be.

Are these balls the same size as bank shot?

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Looking at the definitions from Bank Shot and Squared Away, it’s literally the same definition.

Ball – An orange spherical shaped plastic object with diameter of approximately 3”.

Ball – An orange spherical shaped plastic object with diameter of approximately 3” (76.2mm).

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Great, I just threw them all away a month ago, could have built this whole field from parts we already have…

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As a coach I did not like the orange balls at all. Students thought they were fun to bounce. Drove me nuts. Oh well they are back. Should we keep all of the old parts for future recycling. Hubs anyone? :wink:


Will stacking cubes filled with balls be allowed to gain higher scores?

Just looking at the field, it looks like a cross of Skyrise and NBN.

They seem to be similar to the balls used in VEX Turning Point. Our IQ team was new last year but we do have the balls from turning point which they can play around with. I’m sure teams will have no trouble getting these from surrounding schools as well.

Edit: Did not mean to reply to @frkimitc… still getting used to the new forum.

I feel that a reverse double 4 bar with prongs to get cubes and a claw for the balls will be a meta

I think so. I don’t know if they’re going to be ping pongish like the bank shot balls or if they’ll be a little more solid like turning point this year.

There is no height expansion you have to stay under 15 in. They also reduced the length to 19 in.

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Looking at the relevant field appendices, the balls from all 3 games are the same diameter, but the balls from Bank Shot and Squared Away are the same mass (22g) whereas the Turning Point balls are 2.5x heavier at 55g.

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This challenge looks awesome! I’m really excited for the upcoming year and I think it’ll be great.


Well there are little orange dots on the field to keep the balls from rolling away, hopefully that makes it easier than it looks. Finger crossed!


Oh, I never noticed that! This makes everything much easier.

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With a 15" height limit, and only needing to lift ~ 9" IIRC, it feels like a DR4B is overkill. A single stage scissor lift seems viable and a little different. 4bars and linear lifts also should be viable.

Do you know what the brief for the stem project this year is?