202 - In The Zone - Robot in 24 Hours

Team 202 Slim Margins built this robot in 24 hours after the reveal. Our only two goals with this robot were to build it 24 hours after the new game reveal and to have it be able to accomplish all tasks in the game.

Since the game came out yesterday we obviously didn’t have any official game objects. We built our game object out of cones we found at our local hardware store. Building the game elements was probably more difficult than building the robot itself.

That was fast!

Not sure you will be able to pick up the base and cone like that, but…

I’m over here waiting 16 hours for one cone to be printed… GL Bro.

Note 2: Stacked Cones do not count towards the Possession limit. (i.e. A Robot is allowed to control
the movement of a Mobile Goal with Stacked Cones)

That’s a really nice dual use claw. Was the base full weight?

I was actually meaning the mechanics of it, not the rules (i.e. the cones probable won’t “squish” like that).

How high can your arm extend?

It might be okay, based on this picture:

link text

The star is above the actual base. The little hooks that grabs the movable base go under the large circle of the goal.

Either way we don’t plan to use this intake for our design we are working on this summer.

We can lift a cone 50 inches. So if the the first cone on the stack on a movable base is 4.8 in off the ground and you gain 2.75 in per cone. Then we can do a around 16 cones off of a movable base. If my math is right. I highly doubt it will be the enough to win but its a pretty good start.

lol gg Wisconsin try again next year… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job guys, expecting great things again this year.

Looks like a great start to the season. Lets make it to Worlds this year. You guys deserved to be there.

I’ll print it too. O.O

Nice robot for one day

It’s pretty close. Our base is underweight and our cone is overweight.

How well does it handle tipped cones?

Extremely well. We can use the back bar on our intake to push down on the bottom of the cone and drive backwards simultaneously, flipping the cone right into our claw.

This is a wonderful start. Would you be able to post a video of the robot picking up a tipped cone as I don’t understand how it works. Thanks

I was hoping that would work…

I know this is just a model with your cones not being identical to vex cones, but how easy is it to pick up tipped over cones that are pointed at bad angles in relation to the robot?

I like the lift and claw. My favorite part of the claw is that it can hold the mobile goal and the cone stacked on top of it at the same time.