2020-2021 Game Early Release

Hey Everyone,

With the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases around the US and the rest of the world, it seems likely that VEX Worlds won’t be happening this year. Even if VEX Worlds does end up happening, I’m almost certain that many teams, like our team, will not be able to attend, whether due to travel restrictions imposed by their countries, states, or schools.

I was wondering if there could be a possibility for VEX to release the 2020-2021 game earlier than the planned release date at VEX Worlds because for many of us, the Tower Takeover Season is effectively over. We still want to be able to work on robotics and keep ourselves busy before the tournaments that are to come in the new VRC season.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea.



If u still wanna work on robotics related things I recommend practicing ur coding, building some mechanisms that might be used next year (like shooters), or practice driving ur old robot


There are 3 schools of thought:

  1. build general mechanisms (dr4b)
  2. drag race
  3. battle bots

I think it’s a really good idea to experiment while stress is low. Become familiar with new techniques now, instead of when build season comes around, so that you can make more educated decisions and create more reliable systems.

Dear VEX Robotics,

Due to the Coronavirus I think that there will be no worlds nor US OPEN. Our team and lots of other teams I think would love to have the opportunity to start making their next robot. I’m suggesting that if 2020 Worlds does not happen, instead of announcing it at Worlds, announce it after Labor day in September. I think that many teams would like to have a long break before working on next season. This season has been hard on our mentors. Please VEX Robotics take this into consideration.


Hey @Noah, made some minor changes to your note :slight_smile:

(Moved from a locked thread, but I want to represent all the exhausted mentors out there)


I second @Foster 's edit


For our team next year is our final year of school and we have exams to prepare for. I’m no expert on school systems abroad, but here in the UK the final year is very important and if we can start early that would be great. Our team probably wouldn’t consider competing at all if we couldn’t start until September.

I guess different dates work for different people, a break would be nice but for us getting started early is very important if we want to balance school and BEX sensibly.

Also we might need something to be doing if we all end up in quarantine!


If worlds gets cancelled, I kinda want to see a livestreamed game reveal. Would be pretty neat👀


thats already a thing

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Of course it already is a thing thats every year because it gets streamed at worlds, but If worlds gets cancelled they probably will just upload the game video without anything extra. If they have like a discussion about memorable teams of the season then head over and introduce next years game in a livestream it would be really cool.


Yea that would be awesome. Also it would give us more time to build better robots for next year’s game.


my teams are already developing code that can be implemented for the next game as games after that.

This is no. Why September when I could know in May, June, or July and get ahead on building?

That reminds me of a team in Houston; the Robonauts (Who many call NASA team, because they practice in building 9 of Johnson Space Center) in both FRC and VRC have code that is modular, in which they can utilize the code they built and use it every season with minimal changes. :slight_smile:

you should probably change the name of this thread to avoid confusion

What should I change it to?

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You could simply change it to something like “opinion: 2020-2021 early game release” or even just add a question mark at the end. Basically anything to make it seem less official :slightly_smiling_face: