2022 VEX Robotics World Championship Game Unveils

I responded to a forum question on Saturday about VEX IQ Game Unveil and a few people pinged me about VRC. So here is the information for both VRC and VIQC:

The 2023 VRC Game Unveil will be on Thursday, May 5 after the VRC MS / VEXU / JROTC Championship and Closing Ceremonies which start at 5:00 PM. The Game Unveil will be at approximately 7:00 PM but the time may vary depending on the length of the matches and awards. VRC HS Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 1:00 PM on May 5 and VRC Skills matches start immediately afterwards. We scheduled Game Unveil for this day so all VRC programs can attend and we do encourage VRC teams to attend in person. For the VRC HS Teams that are not able to attend on May 5, we will also have a Game Unveil recap as part of the VRC HS closing ceremonies that start at 5:00 PM on May 7.

Likewise, the 2023 VEX IQ Challenge Game Unveil will be on Tuesday, May 10 after the VIQC MS Championship and Closing Ceremonies which start at approximately 5:00 PM. The 2022 / 2023 Game Unveil will be at approximately 7:00 PM depending on the length of the matches and awards. VIQC ES teams Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for 1:00 PM on May 10 and VIQC Skills matches start immediately afterwards so we hope that IQ ES teams will attend the live Game Unveil also. But we do understand that 7:00 is a late evening for ES IQ Teams so we will also have a Game Unveil recap as part of the VIQC ES closing ceremonies at 5:00 PM on May 12.

Please note that all these times may change slightly pending the final count of registered teams.


interesting decision to unveil the next vrc game before high school worlds. I understand why it would be done, so that all vrc competitors can easily attend the unveil, but it does have the unfortunate side effect that high school teams attending will not be able to immediately focus on the next game, which, while not crucial to a team’s season, is something that is very fun and is a staple for many team’s seasons. It could also be a pretty major distraction to high school teams trying to focus on playing their best, as strange as it sounds to complain about knowing the next game earlier. It might also be inconvenient for many people watching from home, since they won’t be able to both focus on the next game and watch the high school competition. Which could potentially take away from the spectator experience of watching worlds, since I’d assume the vast majority of teams would be focusing on the next game, not invested in the results of hs worlds. I know if this had been the case in previous years where I wasn’t attending worlds, I would not have cared what happened in HS worlds once the game came out, but because it didn’t until the end, I did feel invested in the competition. Basically it just feels a bit weird to have the next season start before this one is completely over.

But I do understand the reasoning as well, and I’m interested to hear what other people think about this change.


Honestly, although I am VEXU, it would be hella sweet to have a couple days to have a break to chill and relax without having to focus on a next season, as a college student. It would also benefit high school as well as they get to have their anticipated unveil. But I am just one student in VEXU, so take what I say with a grain of salt of what the entirety of VEXU wants.

(To me, having a break between seasons would be a blessing, even if it’s for a couple of days for a mental breather)


I don’t think it matters too much, but I think that revealing the game before the HS competition could distract the competitors a bit from the current competition, because some of them might be busy thinking about next year’s competition, but I think that ultimately this is balanced out by being able to have the MS teams present for the reveal.


I have to agree with this, I honestly wouldn’t mind the game not being unveiled at worlds at all, but rather maybe a week afterwards. probably not going to be a very popular opinion though, especially for teams not attending.


Can’t you just take a break anyway? Our team used to do that. We took almost a month off after worlds as a good break without having to interrupt any flow.

Plus I super enjoy the game reveal in person at the end of worlds. The final day is basically a celebration of the best from one season, and the future of next season. Where would I be without that Next Level field lowering from the ceiling?
I’ve never been one to prioritize excitement over production, but here is a case where I believe it matters, the excitement seeing the next game after finals really is a feeling I’ve never replicated since with anything else. Something special.
It’s why I’m particularly fond of the game reveal being while everyone is there, to put simply it’s just so special.


I’ve been competing for quite a while. Even if I try to take a break, my mind never will


I tried to have the reveal in August and the mentors / coaches loved it and the roboteers hated it.

I’ll bet @DanMantz if they leave a field up with the 2022-23 game on it there will be 8 robots playing that game by the time of the finals match of the HS tournament. There are teams that enough parts to build a second robot. And there will be the top design, CAD, engineering and build talent there.

TBH, RECF should put a starter kit out on the table next to the new game and watch the new “Hero BOT” appear.


If we are arguing about the best time to reveal game I will pitch a dream I have always had. Everyone loves Ri3D but getting access to a field and people’s schedules always makes it so difficult to do fairly. Almost everyone doing a Ri3D is limited to fake objects on fake field or waiting months into the season when people are already talking about and posting designs. What I have always wished was possible was some VEX/RECF supported(if not organized) access to game fields with like a Ri3D build off ending in actual head to head matches. To make it work how I picture you need to synchronize starting it with the game reveal or if you are being really ambitious, sign some NDA’s and release the matches right after the game reveal.

Obviously VEX puts a little bit of time into making robots that can play the game, but I think it would be cool if I could do a Ri3D build off against @SamBarbee for example. Make educational videos about the design process along the way and release it to teams.


The majority of teams (the ones who didn’t make it to worlds) have already had a two-month break by this time.

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Wow. Crazy.

I’m really not feeling that excited about getting the game at the start of HS worlds.

I’d say part of the glory of the game reveal is the climactic ending to the seasons of so many teams as worlds ends, followed so closely by a brand new engineering challenge. Clean slate, the prior game is utterly wiped from your mind and you spend all night theorizing the new game. The best in the world at the previous game are flattened out and even with everyone else in the world.

Now I’m not even sure the average or below average teams will feel inclined to be competitive at worlds. Worlds is practically over before it begins! All anyone will be talking about will be the new game. Bad? I don’t know, but I’m not a fan.

It reminds me how I felt about showcase events last season. Interesting, cool, but the new game is out already. Did anyone even pay attention to the showcase events besides the competitors? I know I didn’t really. They certainly didn’t stick in my mind. I’m inclined to say that having the game reveal early detracts from the majesty of HS worlds. Will watching the high caliber finals matches hold any attention when you know it is already useless compared to the new game? Just a shiny display of outdated ability.


Love it - Non-competitor Ri3D during World’s! Maybe not exactly “student-centered” but fun for some folks!


Naw, I want to see you build a RI3D robot WITH Sam and some of the others. Put a GoPro up on a tripod to do a time lapse.

Start your petitions now to have the new elements on a field for the 3 days.


what a great idea, I’d love to have something like this. Probably not something recf is interested in doing unfortunately, but I’d be all for it.

I always thought it would be fun if the 4 teams in the finals match got to go back up with their robots and use them to play the next game. Get the honor of playing the first match of the new season, and the humor of using robots from the last game to do it.


This sounds like it would be a great idea, and it would be very funny, but how would the teams be able to memorize enough of the rulebook in a short time? The introduction video is only a brief overview, There are many important rules and exceptions that you have to read the rulebook for. sg3 for Tipping Point would be an example.

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If the referees all just went off of what is in the game reveal video, it would probably be pretty fair. Top teams would be able to guess/know many of the game rules (such as pinning and trapping), and wouldn’t be able to think of crazy exploitation strategies in the time before their match that need to be covered in the game manual (such as mass hoarding of some sort)


Hey, quick question we planned to go independent for 2022-2023 game and one of our teammates saw a Facebook post about independent teams being cut form the program and that only school teams can compete next year is this true?

Fair point, rule violations probably wouldn’t matter as much anyway since it would likely just be a friendly game.

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Sorry about that and we got a reply back for a REC member denying the post and it was taken down because of violating community guidelines. So as far as we know independent teams are still legal because the REC encourages independent teams and yeah we doubt they would because there are so many independent teams.


I’m not too certain this is the best idea, honestly revealing the game before HS worlds might take some of the HS students minds off worlds or cause some confusion, maybe make it less exciting since there is already another game to focus on. Also the reveal itself wouldn’t be as exciting for HS students because we will see it but we cant focus on it and really take it in because we are about to compete in worlds, and right as worlds is over since we’ve already seen it we arent really as exited to go over it. Dont get me wrong the new game will still be a very exiting experience as vex games are every year for me, and I am still sure my team is going to have a very fun time at worlds, but I just dont think revealing it early is the best idea. (Edit: and as for the people saying that it should be revealed later in the season: I also think that would be a pretty good idea, just not before the previous season is over.)