2023 -2024 Digital Notebook Updates

UPDATE: Digital Notebooks Version 2.1 is out now!!!

We have made updates to the Engineering Notebooks to include the following changes:

  • The Instructions document has been updated to the new game and to include cleaner formatting.

  • The Digital Parts documents have been updated to include the new pneumatics kits.

  • The Notebook Templates have been updated to include new calendar and planner page layouts.

  • The Notebook Templates now include more customizable cover pages and divider pages.

These documents can all be found at notebooks.vex.com

Thank you all again for the feedback! Remember to submit any suggestions to [email protected]


Thanks!! I appreciate the VEX team stepping up to make this. I was part of the group last year that was part of the almost real time beta updates of the notebook. Your team has now done a 100% improvement in the notebooks. For teams this is a great leap into their notebooks.

Thanks for making Digital Notebooks a really easy thing to do.


If I recall Foster, you and I were part of a standing ovation for the Digital Notebook announcement @Bob_Mimlitch_III at last year’s EP Summit.

The tools and kb articles have been really good for all teams!


Hey, my team created our own slides template that fits our aesthetic better and adds some functions not present in the VEX template. That being said, I’m a fan of your customizable field page. How did you make a template page with moveable objects? I can’t figure out how it works.


Could you share the features you added? Good learning opportunity!


Tags, more page layouts, ect.

maybe some illustrations would help?

Like @lacsap mentioned, could we see some examples please?

I will be happy to post our notebook at the end of the season but for now we would like to keep it private.


Fair decision by your team/organization, but do understand you are asking how things are done right now from VRC community (from VEX that has put tools for all teams to learn) that you do not understand, but do not wish to share your insights about improving formatting practices of notebook as it may be a competitive state secret.

Trust me, judging teams are more concerned about substance of notebook vs format (handwritten or digital).

I know that learning happens best from specific examples I can translate to my own applications, I have been tinkering with Google Slide templates for our department to add consistency for lesson slides. There are a lot of things I am still learning, some from this community for Google Sheets from this community when exploring scoring for Tower Takeover … It is the best way to learn, show and tell to peers… and get feedback.


Trust me you keeping it private will only lead to not getting help. You can’t expect to receive help without trying to be super secretive about what you want help with. However as I have happened to come across the X3V Notebook, it is good but I suggest a grid background instead of the lined so it seems to be more on an actual notebook then just lined paper.


Thanks. We’re not really looking for any advice on our content for notebook right now, I’m just curious about some of Vex’s technical implementations of Google Slides. There is little documentation for the theme editor in Slides.

Hey @Blnewc ,
I was just working on taking some slides from the Version 2.1 Slideshow template because I liked some of the newer formatting, and placing them in my own digital engineering notebook, and was wondering if you wanted to do the same (if that’s what you meant by wanting the slide with the moveable triballs).
How I did this was that I firstly made a copy of the Version 2.1 template, then I went into my own Engineering notebook, clicked on “File”, then “Import Slides”. Then you click on the Version 2.1 presentation and select the slide(s) you want in your engineering notebook. It should import it onto your engineering notebook. It was quite a process to figure out, but if you want better instructions on how to do so, you can take a look on this website: https://www.howtogeek.com/787547/how-to-import-slides-from-another-presentation-in-google-slides/
Hope this helps! Maybe?

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I’m not just trying to duplicate their slides. If you notice, in the theme editor, the movable objects aren’t selectable. This is true for the background field as well. I want to know by what black magic they created these slides.