2023 - 2024 VEX IQ Robotics Competition Game Full Volume

Introducing the 2023 - 2024 VEX IQ Robotics Competition Game, Full Volume!

Just like last year, we are not releasing any documentation until the Closing Ceremonies of the Elementary School Competition on Thursday.

I can at least release the links where all documentation will eventually live. In the meantime, each of these links will point to a countdown page, but will be redirected to their respective documents when the time comes.

Best of luck this season!


Looks quite different from previous competitions! I think the endgame this year is quite challenging and it might be difficult to fit all the cubes into the scoring zone. My first thoughts are that the robots are probably gonna be picking the cubes from the air and then maybe have an indexer that will but the cubs in a square formation which would then be able to drop the cubes into the scoring zone.

@DRow Minor point: ES closing ceremony is on Thursday, not Saturday. Don’t make us wait two extra days! :grin:


Any word on when we can get these? Not all of us are at worlds, and it’s irritating they reward the best of the best by getting them the new game pieces first without making them available to preorder on the web site for everyone. Site say pre-order but there’s no way to do it, just a notify when available.

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This should now be fixed.


You are able to purchase the pre-order and check out on the site, and VRC teams have already started receiving their shipped kits this week so it shouldn’t be too long.

I am at world’s and I’m also using the same preorder. Most of us are flying and will get them the same time you will.

VIQC 2023-2024 Full Volume Gaming Elements


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I haven’t seen them in person and my blocks are on hold instead of shipping. Are the blocks hard plastic or foam?

They are plastic, they should have been shipped.

Yeah… The ‘extra field elements’ haven’t. Just the full field kits.

Hard plastic. Not foam.

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Does anyone know if we can expand AFTER the match starts (a.k.a going past the size requirements during the match)? I am looking at the game manual and it doesn’t say anything about it. Please reply if you can find out, thank you.