2023-2024 Vex VRC Game Predictions

Now that Spin Up is released, it is time to talk about the next game. What are your predictions for the Vex VRC 2023-2024 game?


Water game. 20 chars


It is obviously gonna be a tennis inspired net game.

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Tractor pull game (one of my teams had a Starsteuxk robot that would have been good for this, though the people who made it have all graduated).

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Isn’t this too early


Am I allowed to guess?


Yes most definitely just pm me


Robot Basketball Hopefully

Based on the pattern of previous games, I think that there will be two different game elements. There will probably be the main game element, like mobile goals, and secondary game elements that you score on the main game elements for bonus points, like rings.

I don’t think it will be a shooting game considering this years game is a shooting game.

Already had this

it will be like this years game and be like a April fools teaser


I fell like vex has this habit to do a flywheel game, then 2 or 3 different games, then a fly wheel game, so I think next years game is not going to be a flywheel game, it would probably be something where you have to physically move heavy stuff, but some mods have been leaving hints about a water game like what Dan said ( Dankest Vex Memes? - #6558 by DanMantz ) so there is a possibility that the next could be a water game or a water related game.

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Please don’t revive dead threads.

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The rule of thumb about dead threads in the FAQ is one year, plus, @Guyishere1’s comment is directly relevant to the topic of the thread. Commenting here instead of making a new topic is more in line with ‘keep it tidy’, IMHO.