224X Wallbot Matches

I know this was from a while ago but I was just looking back at the reveal video and saw people asking for match VODs so I thought I’d finally post a couple. I have more so if peeps want them just ask. Enjoy!

In this first match I saw they were pushing me so I steered us towards the tower so they got counted as pinning and I got 5 free seconds to deploy the wall. I then wait for them both to be in the zone and deploy it, trapping them both. They end up trying to get out but they get stuck on the wall and I win.

To my knowledge this is this wallbots 1st match, I could be wrong though I don’t really remember. We get a free clean deploy and then play defence. After the opponents score their first stack I stop playing defence and just play towers because I know they can’t get more. One opponent ended up being immobile anyway but the wall meant even if they could move they’d be in the same situation. This is what it looks like when the wallbot is paired with a good stacker.


I presume you are referring to 224X wallbot 1st match?

Coz it is definitely far from being the 1st wallbot in VRC.


ye I mean this wallbot, ik this isn’t the first wallbot lul


I was a volunteer at this competition and this robot inspired me so much. I spent the rest of my 8th grade year building different deploy able walls.