2616JK Reveal

First, I would like to thank the VEX forum for being incredibly helpful in the design of this robot. Everyone on here puts in so much work to make sure novices understand the basics and can improve throughout the season.
@ben.starkman and I have been hard at work building a robot to make our club proud. Although we are usually on separate teams, we have formed a close bond working together on our fantastic robot, Perry the Pushbot.

Although our robot is obviously top tier, we have not yet received our invitation to worlds. Although the design did sadly not make it to our state competition, our skills score was one, and the teams with scores between one and fifty automatically qualify for worlds. We will just have to wait, but it will be tedious if we have to ship the WHOLE robot at the last minute.
Any tips for improvement before we can finally go against other teams of our caliber?


Hey, I just wanted to say that I was amazed by how straight your robot drives! My team is trying to fix our robot for a tournament in New Hampshire soon but for some reason it just goes in circles? Any advice would be appreciated. The specs are:

Three motor drive
Tank treads
Mounted swiveling turret (that doubles as a handle)

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We have a 2-piston pneumatic-ratchet drive. Unfortunately, our robot can only go forwards and do slow turns. Also, we can only push one star at a time. How could we make our robot go backwards?

Have you tried putting the robot on the field backwards? Then you could press forward and it should go backwards

Thanks! That worked! However, it no longer goes forwards…

I have 3 possible solutions
Hammer (cause they solve everything)
Rubber bands (cause they’re cheap)
Mecanum wheels ( this one is self explanatory)

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I have finally managed to get the robot to move in each direction by using the rubber bands to attach the mechanum wheels to the ratchet, as well as using 75 feet of braided nylon rope to add some weight! Thanks for the help!

What you need to do is use the turntable kit to rotate the field with respect to your robot. That way you could reap the benefits of an X-drive without the unnecessary complexity of one.

@Escargo @Grystrion Who uses mecanum wheels anymore??? Those things are too difficult to program

Piece of advice, my team originally had to use the rope strategy to weight the robot until someone pointed out that you could simply put the rubber bands on the wheels to add friction thereby eliminating the need for weighting

Wouldn’t it be easier to just wrap the 75 ft of rope around the wheels, thereby adding friction and weight (because rubber bands are definitely massless)?

Pff, an amateur mistake. Clearly someone didn’t research and compare the relative mu’s of the materials.
Edit: forgot the difference in mass between the rubber bands and the rope, at some point the increase in mass will outweigh the coefficient of friction granted by the rubber bands

Don’t forget that the diameter will be larger, speeding up the robot

Actually the solution to a pneumatic drive is to use the reservoirs as the wheels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: