2647X Tipping Point Post Worlds Reveal

Hi, we’re team 2647X and we’re proud finally release our final robot reveal for the Tipping Point season. Thanks to all the teams in AZ that we played with over the season, all the teams we played with at worlds, and especially to 2011C, our alliance partner during worlds elims.

Thanks to Taran for editing the video
Driver Skills: 405

Programming Skills: 376
TOTAL: 781
Robot Explanation

If you have any questions we’d be glad to answer them below!


This was such an impressive robot, I was so happy to have you representing Arizona in Dome.


It was awesome to finally have an Arizona team make dome and bring home AZ’s first red. Really great robot, glad I got to see it evolve over the season. Congratulations!


Congrats on such an amazing season! It was an honor losing to you in Research Division lol. Your robot was one of my favorites all season and I’m glad to see you do so well.

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Congratulations on such an amazing robot! Your performance this year is incredible.

If I may ask, how did you guys design your robot? Did you use cad to plan everything out, or did you figure it out along the way?


It’s really a mixture of both cad and figuring out things along the way. On the final robot, we had the everything except for the high tower mechanism cadded out, mostly because it was carried over from our state robot. Since we didn’t know exactly how the preload holder for the high tower would work, we felt that it would be faster to just build the mechanism instead of cadding it.


Hi this is team 7996E, last year we were MS, and we were 60946B, I just wanted to know if you guys had an email or something that you guys accept questions from such as questions about programming or building that weren’t stated in the video that you made, we as well are an Arizona and have competed against you, and we have always admired your robots.

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