26982E 2017-2020 Recap Video (Premieres 10 PM 4/1/20)

Hi everyone, I hope you’ll join me in watching this (emotional) recap video of my 2017-2020 seasons with 26982E. I have it set to premiere at 10 PM CST tonight (Not an april fool’s joke)

It’s been a great few years, I plan to do VEXU when I move to IL, but regardless I hope you enjoy!


Do you know which college/vexu team you will join?

Edit: I asked because I’m going to IL

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Not yet, I was planning to be going on tours in just a couple days, but clearly that can’t happen if the campuses are closed! I am open to founding my own VEXU team, as I did with my High School team if the college I choose to attend doesn’t already have one.


About to start!
20 charrrr

It’s been great competing in HS, see y’all in VEXU!

Awsome video! 2020202020