26982E VEX Worlds Reveal 2019

Science division better get ready for the fastest hyuk on 8 wheels!

6m Drive 200RPM 7:5
1m Catty 100RPM 3:25
1m Intake 600RPM

Feel free to ask questions!


Good luck!
In the world tournament!

8 wheels pretty spicy

at :33 I noticed that the forward ball rocked in the catapult basket. How reliable is your loading? If a ball is stuck in the forward position are you able to load the back position?

Also, what does the kanji on the side of your drivebase mean?

Funny you should ask about the loading, I was having an issue with the balls getting stuck on the stopper while filming, and I fixed the problem this morning with literally 1 zip tie XD. The Japanese on the side reads “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” as the robot’s paint job resembles the famous AE86 from the show Initial D.

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That’s pretty cool. Good luck at worlds :slight_smile:

Why did you choose to use eight wheels over the normal four or six?

Honestly it was more of a “Why not” type of choice. This is my first time using these wheels, and when I figured out I could use 8 on a regular sized chassis and have an intake that spans the entire robot width, I decided that I would because I could! Not to mention the added grip benefits…


but can you climb over the field perimeter? one of my goals is to have a robot that can do that so I can flex by driving my robot onto the field into the starting tile.

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That was unfortunately not one of my design goals, so I will not be able to win worlds by flipping my robot over the fields.


Can you share some photos of your 6 motor drive. I really like it.

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I have a bunch of pictures on my instagram: 26982e_alumination_robotics


Isn’t this topic a little old to be revived @DRow