2921B Free Range Robotics (NZ) Teaser

We are just waiting in the airport for our flights to Los Angeles, and we thought maybe we should do a little teaser…


Maybe we will also post a bit more once we touch down at the other end and rest a little.


looks like it fits in the sizing limit, lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

However, it does look a little fragile. :slight_smile:

You hid the drive base and the intake really well.
What’s the capacity? It looks like your robot takes up the entire 18"x18"x18" space. How fast does it score?
Does the box shape or the fact that it has no wheels impede the robot’s movement?

Best Wallbot ever! Lets see teams try to move that! :rolleyes:

I believe it is quite easy to move… it’s on a dolly.

I thought a differential calculus textbook drowned with linear algebra work was the best wallbot. No one can pass that in 2 minutes:p

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Looks a lot like some of the other NZ robots - that cube shape and fragile sticker design is really proving to be popular.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Wait 2921B is college? I thought only college is allowed sheet metal. :confused:

Don’t those handles pose a risk for entanglement? I could grab or hook those really easily.

Personally I don’t see this robot passing inspection.

To be honest, we have never actually measured the actual capacity, but let’s say it can collect and hold more than it can lift.
Scoring is pretty quick.
Actually, you wouldn’t believe how smooth it works :wink:

Well you know what they say… One NZ robot is like another :wink:

Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Teaser part 2: http://db.tt/rZLmvI3r


I bet those balloons lighten your robot quite a bit! Does the drive ever brown out after you put on the balloons?

The drive never browns out.


Clearly the pink balloon is a decoy, the real focus is the salad in the background.

How does one score sacks AND create a delicious meal at the same time?
No one knows, but however they do it, I imagine Free Range will be the best.

Teaser pic 3: http://db.tt/RUIb46Z0

Notice the salad maker on the rear left corner of the robot.


More pics George!?!?:eek:

u lied george. where’s our pic??? >:(

Double teaser!!

Teaser pics 4 and 5: From below. From front.


I seemed to have deduced from your pictures that you have pneumatics on your robot. Also your room looks blegh.