3-Point Intake Design

Here’s a concept for a 3-point intake design that I CADed. It allows for an extended area of intake parallel to the tray, while still letting there be a bent-out part of the intake such that it can better intake from any angle. I have seen many teams use something similar on event streams, and thought it might be worth a CAD. Without further ado, here it is!


This looks really cool. I may look into something like this for my worlds robot.


A more compact version could have a tensioner in place of the frontmost sprocket. Would probably have less friction too, since you don’t need shafts spinning around in that gusset’s hole. Anything to conserve space on this design is good, as it’s bulkiness means it would be very difficult to have it not need to deploy.

Aight, I´m ripping off your design Taran, hope you don´t mind.


with all due respect I will probably modify this intake, but this is exactly what I have been trying to design. May or may not use it, depending on how well my current intakes work out

I made this for people to use. I won’t be building this myself.

I love the front gear rotating that way. Smarter than anything I’d ever make

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