33011X TT Post Season Reveal

33011X Critical Error Robotics presents Stack_Overflow, our Tower Takeover robot.

DR4B Tray
9 Cube Capacity
141 Unofficial Skills Score
9 point auton (yes we fixed the last cube issue)
(Idk if I’m supposed to post on the forum since most teams aren’t but I figured since we had a tray DR4B people might have some questions so here goes)


The Y-drive is too op!
So is the rest of the bot, i guess.
But the Y-drive tho . . .


Sees T-drive:
Round Up game reveal flying robot intensifies. Lol.
But in all seriousness, great robot!
Mecanum drive OP!!


The cube shooter is op…


Y-Drive is life, no cap

Cube shooter is something we worked very hard on. It definitely came in handy when reaching middle tower


Lol that was our inspiration! Mecanum drive very OP, though we never got to working on a good strafe code…

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the last part is cancer. Great reveal though.

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Not as cancer as Teertha standing on stacks of cubes :upside_down_face:

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Nice job​:clap:t2::clap:t2:
Great looking robot.
And the cube shooter was funny🤪

See you next year🤷‍♂️


That cube shooter tho. And the y-drive… woah.

Lol, jokes aside, really nice bot. I really like the tray + DR4B combo.


Thanks! Though in retrospect the idea behind it was kinda redundant given that we almost never went for the middle tower all season. A 4 bar mini tray would’ve prolly worked better and faster.

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I like your mechanical intake release; that is pretty innovative. Who came up with that design?



Our builder, Ty, was the one who came up with it. In theory, it would allow the rollers to grip onto the cube until right about when the stack was vertical, at which point it would be a small vertical drop, so that the bottom cube is rather lined up with the rest of the stack.


I’m a bit confused. What do you all mean by Y Drive and Cube Shooter?

Did you watch the video?

(unless im missing the joke, again)

I did, but I just see a regular mecanum drive and intake. I’m probably blind, so would you be so kind as to gift me sight?

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Did you watch the middle of the video, at around the 2 minute mark. or the end of the video? Or did you just skim through it?

How does the intake folding out when there is a stack work?

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We line up the cube to right about the center of rotation, at which point we can start stacking. As the tray tilts, the rollers are gripping then bottom cube, but at the end of its arc, the rollers splay out to easily drop the cubes and come back out. That way we can ensure that there is just a small vertical drop and that the bottom cube won’t be too far misaligned from the rest of the stack if we were to not do that.