360 X-Flip

So there is this design I really like and want to build off of it Team 80Y’s Sky-rise claw. I was wondering if anyone saw a future for this design or had an idea on how to mount it on a robot to stack cones? Kinda wanna share my Youtube video Vex In The Zone intake : 360 X-flip Team 6916E
Just an idea, but my main concern is how far it reaches and how i’ll need to extend the base a little to fit a mobile goal.
(I’d like to be carrying a mobile goal around not traveling back an forth)
360 X-Flip right.jpg
360 X-Flip 45 right.jpg
360 X-Flip straight up.jpg
360 X-Flip 45 Left.jpg
360 X-Flip Left.jpg
360 X-Flip hinge detail.jpg

This is AWESOME! It doesn’t work with my wallbot design unfortunately since I only have 2 motors and pneumatics to spare on each of the two bots for scoring but otherwise I’d definitely go with this idea… do you know how this design is better or worse than a chain bar pro con wise?

I remember this arm back in Skyrise. One question: what made you choose this arm over something like a chainbar arm?

That’s exactly what im thinking

probably spacing, if made right it would probably be a bit more space efficient.

I thought about it as well but I’ve decided to go against it as in 80Y’s video they have to tension it just right so that it will work and I would prefer a chain bar over that but that’s just my opinion.

@OverlyOptimisticProgramer I don’t have anything built with motors but as of now im thinking its going to be a space saver. I think i may have said a Liner lift in the video but that takes up way less then a Double Reverse Four Bar !

@Joseph W(182 C) Ya! Ill have to experiment with gearing and tension and placement of the bottom. In the video I only have them screwed to a large C-Chanel, I don’t know how spacing between the two motor holders would effect tension and the radius that it flips in. yet i may run into the problem of the cone falling out because it flips upside down… the motions a little much. guess i’m just going to need to make both a X-flip and a Chainbar arm!!

Um… as cool as this linkage is, it accomplishes the same exact thing as a 4 bar made out of the same dimension materials. In fact, if you put this into inventor and try to do a full 360, it converts it to a standard 4 bar with the top plate flipped. Ask Joe s for further explanation

Chains break, and nobody likes broken chains during the match :stuck_out_tongue:
A good example is at this time with us while in a match (At 3:30): https://youtu.be/kAaBseQp0ZE?t=213

We are actually working on the exact same thing right now! We built a quick prototype earlier this week and it seemed to work well, we just need to put it on a lift. What we did find is that it would sometimes flip over into a 4-bar, as @Brian_9605A mentioned, but it looks like placing the bars inside solved this for you. I think team 80 had it this way too.

@ethan_matlack might be able to give you guys some insight.
IIRC they still have it intact.

Chainbar arm? Something like this?

3921A paid their homage to skyrise world champion, 2131C by using their abandoned design. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI - We were looking at this earlier in this season too, and while using CAD it became obvious that you can accomplish the same result using a standard 4-bar.


I don’t think that i would say it produces the same result…
It doesn’t look as cool…

yes!! I did not see this before but now that you bring it up the X-flip (is that the actual name?) i think will be easier to tension with rubber bands (that would help lift it up) and as @Joseph W(182 C) said … it looks cool lol . Now ill have to try this a 4 bar AnD a chainbar arm !!

why don’t you just use a chain bar

Hopefully the X-flip, or 4 bar will save space!

Wait what? You are using double the metal and making a path that is more complicated, there is no way you save space.

? i think you misunderstood or maybe i am but i will be using either the x flip or the 4 bar rather the chain bar to save space. the chain bar takes up double the space of the x flip(disregarding how you intend to lift the part), placing metal on both sides of the playing piece to pick it up can get kinda wide. but i have thought about the path the 360-flip makes and if both the x-flip and 4 bar fail not being able to pick the cones up and get them over chain bar is next in line!

You can make the chain bar really slim if you wanted to. Personally I think the chain bar would save more space than the x flip.