3d printed parts in high school

Quick Question?
Are you allow to 3d print vex parts or make your own part and 3d print that when you are in high school? It does not say in the rules for EDR. But it does say in Vex U.

For sure no as a functional component, and probably yes as non-functional decoration but since non-functional decorations have to be “backed by legal materials that provide the same functionality” per R12 I don’t know if a fully 3D object would be allowed.

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A lot of people 3d print out scuffs for controllers and they are allowed

Those are allowed. But like, 3D printing a custom claw or gear is ilegal:
image image
Since 3D printed parts aren’t mentioned in the allowed parts sections.

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Here is the link to the topic that says the scuff controller is legal:

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speaking of scuff controller attachments, has anyone made a lanyard attachment for the V5 controller? I’ve dropped it too many times by now…

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Not yet, but it seems to me that the shape of the v5 controller is made to be dropped so new controller have to be bought. They should have had grips on the side to prevent from dropping.

If you’re desperate you could tape anti slip mat to your controller
It might look a bit weird but it’ll keep the controller in your hands…

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you could screw in a piece of metal to the controller and put a long string through a hole in the metal to make a lanyard for the v5 controller.

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Maybe I should give that a shot in CAD
That would be handy and since scuffs controller is legal that would also be legal right?


There is a V5 laynard Holder now

here is the link